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Dec 31, 2012 2:50am EST
need to work in, versacut can do the job. >> steve: now, my first job is to finish off the prefinished flooring. i can work right in place because of the depth control feature on this saw. working on a piece of scrap lumber, drop it into place and then the last step would be the base board. >> got it. versacut works in place, so you can save time and get the job done faster. >> next job is to cut a hole for a register in the wall here and with the laser, i can see where i'm going. [whirring, ♪...] >> jennifer: and now you're ready to put in the new return. >> there you go, not bad. >> not bad at all. >> last job is to repair some damage in the ceiling here caused by water. [whirring, ♪...] [whirring stops, ♪...] and the water damage is gone. >> no other power saw could handle all these jobs; on the floor, on the wall, even overhead on the ceiling. done, done and done, only with versacut. >> steve: powerful, versatile and precise. that's why versacut's the first saw i'm gonna reach for when i start a job and that's not just what i think. >> we took versacut to the skillsusa nation
Dec 24, 2012 2:00am PST
, and that we've been observed by aliens for-for centuries, and steve stumbles upon their complex, when he and osco are in the mountains. - i love how lindsay wagner, as the bionic woman, overtakes the entire animal kingdom. from sharks to big foot. you know, is big foot an animal? is this big foot? - so then, he hallucinates that she's somebody else. we have a hallucinating sasquatch. that was delicious back then, wasn't it? - sasquatch, trust me, please. - for jaime sommers, big foot had nothin' on fembots. - ah! - when you really think about it, it seems a little bit over the top for jaime to have that crazy reaction. i mean, she screams that blood-curdling scream. - ah! - it's like, "jaime, "is it that far-fetched that this woman might be a robot? "you are half robot." - coming in at number five-- rules to live by. you can learn a lot from tv. usually when you weren't meant to. - i love the rules to live by, in "magnum p.i," because it's like, he leaves the navy, he's 33, and he knows that he's never been 23. so, the secret to life is, like, you gotta have fun. you gotta kick
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)